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Our Mini Me's...​

Charlie is our oldest at the age of 7, Fiona right in the middle at the age of 4 and Ellie our youngest at the age of 2. They are all so different, we love learning about them. Charlie loves soccer, finding bugs and playing tag. His imagination runs wild and he is a dreamer. 

Fiona is our wild child, always being silly or sassy. She loves gymnastics and painting her nails, yet is right alongside the boys digging for bugs in the dirt!


 Ellie is a sweetheart. Even though tiny, she is mighty and just loves to be happy all of the time. She is our only child who took it upon herself to potty train on her own and we love her for it!

Team Thorne​

​​We just plain love being together. Our goal as parents is to never segment any part of our lives so each is independent of each other. Whether work, sports or our friends, we are a unit. We are Team Thorne. We love to engage in the community as a family and serve often together as Team Thorne. We also love sports! Just like in sports, some days we win some and some days we lose some, but everyday we give 100% to each other. We strive to provide a Christ centered home and help our children fulfill their calling in life. Favorite pastime together? A good fashioned game of "chase" or "hide and seek".

Mr. Thorne, AKA   Fred​

​​Fred and I met at our church in college group. His sister ran track with me at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and introduced us. Although Fred was a football player for Nebraska, we never met as student-athletes. We married the same year we met and 3 babies later, life is still wild (and we love it). He was recently honored as the Teacher of the Year in Health and Fitness for Lincoln Public Schools. He also coaches football at the same school he teaches, Lincoln Southeast High School (Go Knights!). He helped coach the state champion team in 2011 and semi-finalist team in 2012. Fred is also a certified strength coach with the NSCA.

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