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As International 2014 I had the opportunity to advance a global mission as an International Spokesperson for Soles4Souls raising awareness through worldwide efforts for the nearly 300 million children without shoes.  As a championship athlete for nearly two decades along with a decade in the marketing and branding industry, sports is an international language that can cross any barrier and I had the unique opportunity to continue competing internationally in races and bring awareness through those competitions. In addition, through my vast international resources of olympic and professional athletes I am building partnerships to bring high visibility for Soles4Souls mission to Wear Out Poverty.


If you have read "The Long Haul" under the "my story" tab in the above browser, you will know severe adversity was endured over my lifetime. I understand pain and hopelessness. Through sports, pageantry and a healthy lifestyle, I have first hand experience to share with thousands of youth to relate to them and bring the message of Never Give Up across the globe. Every person deserves and opportunity for change, and through one pair of shoes, a life can be changed forever.


Founded in 2006, Soles4Souls is a global not-for-profit institution in over 127 countries dedicated to fighting the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty and has donated over 21 million shoes to date.


I am here to share with the world my story of perseverance and how by choice, our basic free will given to us all , I am now thriving through grace. A grace that is available to ANYONE and EVERYONE! Help for today is here and hope for tomorrow is waiting for you....Never Give Up!


If you would like to impact someone's life by donating your gently used shoes or donating financially                 ($1=1 pair of shoes) in the link above, all donations are 100% tax deductable...and will change lives!

Running the race as a worldwide champion of Hope and changing lives...one pair at a time.

Soles4Souls COO David Graben

Soles4Souls CEO Buddy Teaster

In Haiti

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Follow my Footsteps is dedicated to engaging children in community

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Proceeds from the Book will benefit Soles4Souls and Teammates Mentoring Program. Both non-proficts support the underpriveledged

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Book Written by Maggi Thorne, Art by Krista Wanous, Edited by

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