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Meet Susan. Susan was amazing and saved my life.

Susan and I met at the College World Series in Omaha working with each other. She invited me to come stay with her while working at the CWS and the rest is history. Susan and I spent the entire summer together traveling the United States and serving in different communities. It was amazing! We loved to live life together and were the sisters each other never had. Susan was the person that lead me to Christ and I am eternally grateful because without Christ in my life, I would not be here. Fact.

Susan Marie Vann. 12-7-84 to 6-6-11

James Michael Escudero. 8-8-72 to 9-21-04

​Meet James, aka Jimmi. We miss him.

James Michael Escudero, August 8, 1972 to Sept. 21, 2004 Born in Woodland, Calif., My brother was not one to be stationary. After graduating from high school, he decided to join the Marines, and spent the next four years traveling the world, and serving his country with many adventures in his hands. He was a a professional mountain biker for some years of his life, but the love of mountain bikes turned to a love for paintball competitions. Quite the daredevil, he loved outdoor activities, but among his very favorites were snowboarding, mountain climbing, hiking and being an avid photographer. Jimmi was a loving son and brother, and he would have done anything for his family. Through his travels, Jimmi was able to affect so many people's lives in a positive manner with the spirit of adventure that was inside him. His humor was contagious, and lives on through his spirit that continues. I cannot put into words how much I miss my brother and the time I wish I could have back when we chose to not get along instead of moving past pain and hurt to just live life together. This has influenced one of my greatest missions in life...to never miss an opportunity to love someone. Ever.

Two people near and dear to my heart lost. Their loss motivates me to live every day outside of my comfort zone by taking chances on the unknown and seemingly impossible so others are loved and have hope. I never want to miss an opportunity to love someone.


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